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You love God. You love the natural world. You are horrified by the ecological crisis, and feel the need to respond. But how?

You have come to the right place.

I inspire people of faith to transform their lives and actions in response to the ecological crisis. This leads to action toward Earth healing, deepened relationships with God and nature, and renewed experiences of discipleship.

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About Me

An ecotheologian and ordained minister, I am passionate about exploring with others the ways in which God is calling us to respond to the ecological crisis, and how we can do so in ways that are effective and transformative.


I offer sermons and worship services, lectures and workshops, online courses and more, on how we can transform our actions and our lives to better reflect our Christian commitment to ecological healing.


My blog, Following in the World, is a place where I share thoughts on what it means to live a life of discipleship in a time of ecological crisis. It is about how we allow what we believe most to shape our life and actions in this world that we live in.