About Jessica

Photo by Mark Hetherington

Ecotheologian: One trained to look at and respond to the ecological crisis through the lens of faith.

Discipleship: A response to the call of God; it is faith lived out in our actions.

These two things: being an ecotheologian with a passion for discipleship is what I am about, in a nutshell.

For most of my life, I have been striving to listen to God and God’s call on my life. God first called me to get a PhD in Christian Ethics from Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Ontario, where I wrote a dissertation entitled Ecological Praxis as Discipleship: Developing a Model of Praxis from Sallie McFague’s Theological Call for Consumption Reduction. But God wasn’t done with me at that point, and then called me to become ordained as a Minister of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care in the United Church of Canada, where I continue to serve.

These two identities, as an ecotheologian and ordained minister, intertwine in my work with individuals and communities of faith in learning around the ecological crisis, the role of faith, and the potential for Christian discipleship as a way to radically and faithfully respond to the demands of the ecological crisis. This is what fuels me personally, spiritually, and professionally.

To that end, I am a leader, speaker and storyteller who seeks to use the best wisdom from science, ethics, and faith tradition to invite people into transformation in their lives and actions. I preach, lead worship, give talks, and create workshops and courses that present a compelling vision of how Christians can respond faithfully and effectively to the demands of our time.

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